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Parts Included in TR1701/TR1702

  • 1 x Installation Instruction Sheet
  • 1 x Warranty Information Card
  • 2 x wide Aluminum U-Bar supports (foam already attached)
  • 2 x narrow Aluminum U-Bar Brackets (foam already attached)

  • 1 x 5’-0” long Aluminum Main Support bar

  • 2 x 2’-8” long Aluminum Extension bars

  • 4 x 6” x 2” Tie-down bars

  • 1 x bag of Fasteners (fasteners are assembled in the installation sequences)

  • 2 x Foam pads

  • If your boat is quite narrow, you can substitute the 2x wide U-bar supports with 2x narrow U-bar supports
  • If this is your choice, please indicate you require a TR1702 RACK Cradle System.

Check your newly shipped carrier system box to ensure that

  1. The shipped box contents are the same as the Parts Included list above.
  2. Please contact ‘the RACK’ as soon as possible at 1-866-991-7225 if there is a discrepancy.

Full RACK System TR1701 (top view)
The TR1702 would have 2 sets of Narrow cradle brackets


Loosely attach the four(4) Tie-Down bars over the RACK Main Support bar and the vehicle roof rack cross-bar(s) as shown, using the four(4) 4.5” long fasteners sets c/w lock nut(s)

Position the Main Support Bar so the vehicle roof rack cross-bars are spread evenly over the 5’-0” length, minimum of 24” apart.

You might have to reposition the Main Support bar or vehicle cross-bars once the Extension bars are added if you have a vehicle tail gate and it connects with the extension bar when opened.


Lay out the U-Bar Cradle brackets found in the box.

There are 2 sets of Cradles:
TR1701: 1 Wide set for the rear and 1 Narrow set for the front
TR1702: 2 sets of Narrow cradles

Both sets have foam attached to the top and a loose piece of foam for each once assembled.


Remove the four(4) 2.5” long fasteners sets c/w hex nut.

Remove the two(2) extension bars.

Hand tighten the cradles sets to the extension bars with the heads of the bolts inserted from the under side.

Full RACK System TR1701 (top view)


Take the two(2) assembled Extension/Cradle Assemblies and insert into the Main support Bar.

TR1701: Insert the Narrow set where the front (bow) of your boat will be and the Wide assembly where the tail (stern) of the boat will be.

TR1702: If you have purchased the TR1702 system, both sets of cradles are the same and can be inserted either end.

Either connect the two bars together at the widest point (7’-4” center cradle to center cradle) or move the extension bars to the minimum width (5’-4” center cradle to center cradle) using the four(4) 2.5” long fastener sets c/w socket head and wing nuts. These can all be hand tightened.

Temporarily position the two(2) middle foam pads in the center of the assembled cradles.

There isone(1) long foam pad for the Wide cradles and one(1) shorter foam pad for the Narrow cradles.

The TR1702 will have two(2) foam pads the same length.

Position your boat temporarily on your new RACK assembly, adjusting the cradle widths and the position of the Main bar for best possible support and making sure there is clearance between Main Support Bar and the underside of your boat.


Stand in front of your vehicle and make sure the rack is positioned so that the boat is in line with the vehicle. If not, make adjustments to the position of the Main Support bar.

Carefully remove the boat from the RACK assembly and the middle foam pads.

Now that your Kayak Cradle System assembled and adjusted correctly, you MUST go back and tighten the Tie-Down bars, securing the Main Support bar to the vehicle roof rack.

Tighten each side of the Tie-Down bar(s) equally so that the Main Support bar sits flat on the vehicle roof cross-bars.


Tighten the U-Bar Cradle fasteners, making sure they are in line with each other and both perpendicular to the Extension and Main Support bars.

Attach the center foam pads by removing the back adhesive strip cover.

Your TR1701/TR1702 Kayak Cradle assembly is now ready for use.

Securing your boat to the RACK.

  • Use proper tie-downs to secure all items to your RACK carrier system.
  • Tie-downs should be secured over the items and under the Main Support bar.
  • Failure to tie down any/all items to your RACK could result in the item becoming loose.

the RACK Guidelines

When using the RACK carrier systems and accessories, the user must understand the precautions. The points listed below will assist you in using the RACK system and will encourage safety.

  • Unless stated otherwise in these instructions, do not carry more than 120 lb (54 kg) on the RACK carrier. the RACK carrier systems do not increase gutter or roof strength. the RACK cannot warranty loads that exceed this limit. Total load = cargo weight plus weight of accessories used to carry cargo.
  • Make sure all straps & fasteners are firmly attached and tightened before every trip. Straps and fasteners must be periodically inspected for signs of wear, corrosion and fatigue. Check your load at stops during the trip to ensure continued fastening security.
  • Check local provincial and state laws governing projection of objects beyond the perimeter of a vehicle. Be aware of the width and height of your cargo since low clearance branches, bridges and parking garages can affect the load. All cargo will affect the vehicle’s driving behaviour. Never drive with any rack in an unlocked position. All long loads such as, but not limited to, kayaks, surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, sailboards, canoes and lumber must be tied down prior to moving.
  • Remove you RACK and accessories when they are not in use and before entering automatic car washes.
  • Remove valuable gear if unattended for an extended period of time.
  • For safety to your vehicle and RACK system, obey all posted speed limits and traffic cautions. Adapt your speed to the conditions of the road and the load being carried.
  • Do not use the RACK carrier systems and accessories for purposes other than those for which they were designed. Do not exceed their carrying capacity. Failure to follow these guidelines or the product’s Instructions will void the warranty.
  • Do not use the mounting hardware contained in this roof rack kit for installation on Fiberglass or Composite Plastic surfaces.
  • Consult with your RACK dealer if you have any questions regarding the operations and limits of the RACK products. Review all instructions and warranty information carefully.
  • Not for use on trailers or towed vehicles
  • Not for offroad use.
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