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The RACK carrier systems originated from a need for a roof carry-system that would support a longer kayak.

The owner/designer is a surfski paddler and recreational racer in the Pacific Northwest. While driving with a surfski attached to the roof of a vehicle with conventional kayak cradles on standard crossbars, the flex on the bow and stern was producing stress cracks in the hull of the boat.

Owning a mechanical engineering company helped in producing a concept design. Having access to fabricators and suppliers enabled us to put something together at a reasonable cost.The adjustable length allows for slightly shorter boats to still have ample support. The 5’4” or 7’4” positioning also eliminates the need to purchase multiple lengths of bars. The adjustable cradles allows the individual bow and stern cradles to fit your boat in the best possible manner. Change of boats? No problem. Re-adjust the cradles and you are all good.

We are now looking into making stand-up paddleboard (SUP) supports to replace the kayak cradles.
The purchase of a set of SUP supports would be simple and make your RACK multi-functional.

Please feel free to provide feedback and comments. We want to make a system that is economical and easy to use.Thank you for your support and see you on the water!

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